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Brian Dempsey, L.Ac. is the founder and owner of the Center and provides acupuncture and herbal medicine services. He is a founding member of the Sutter Center for Integrative Health and is an adjunct teacher for the UC Davis Medical School. He has practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine for almost two decades. Brian has formal training from the Chinese School of Medicine in the United States and China. Brian treats a variety of health problems including muscle strain, sciatic issues, bursitis, arthritis, and numbness and tingling ailments. In addition, he treats migraine and tension headaches, neck tension, whiplash, back pain, and degenerative disc disease. Whatever your pain or discomfort, Brian is sure to find a way help through treatment and/or herbal practice. Brian follows the NIH protocol for all his acupuncture treatments and stays up to date on the latest techniques through seminars and literature. To make an appointment with Brian, please call the office at (530)758-7525.

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Rasa Sammy, L.Ac. has been practicing acupuncture, Chinese medicine and massage since 1999. She received her training at Five Branches Institute (College for Traditional Oriental Medicine) in Santa Cruz, CA, the American School of Botanical Medicine and the Massage Therapy Institute. Prior to joining the Davis Holistic Health Center, Rasa practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine with medical doctors in several different areas of specialization, including a large Sutter affiliated neck and spinal care orthopedic surgery and physical medicine and rehabilitation center, an Integrative functional medicine and neurology practice and a family practice and Ob/Gyn clinic focused on women’s health and fertility. Rasa served as acupuncturist for the UC Irvine Graduate Student Wellness Clinic faculty and helped develop and was course director at the UC Irvine College of Medicine’s Introduction to Oriental Medicine Program, teaching acupuncture to medical students, residents and physicians. Her areas of specialization address chronic and acute pain and musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis and joint problems, women’s health and fertility, migraine and tension headaches, digestion, asthma, and allergies. She has extensive training in both Chinese and Western herbs. She is also trained in massage therapy and is a master teacher level Reiki practitioner. To schedule an appointment with Rasa, call the office at (530)758-7525.

Here is a letter from Rasa to former patients at IRH.

Massage Therapy

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Rowan Boswell is a Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. Rowan's massage therapy sessions integrate a variety of modalities including Thai Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure, abdominal massage of the visceral organs, and Swedish Relaxation massage. Rowan's nurturing touch and compassionate nature allows her to adapt to your personal needs. Each session is a unique experience! Rowan Boswell (530)341-3239 Rowan's Website

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Bonnie Veblen, CMT practices craniosacral balancing as well as integrative massage, in which she incorporates Swedish massage with long, flowing strokes, trigger point therapy, myofascial therapy, gentle stretching, and energy work, as appropriate. She loves working with mothers-to-be, and finds giving prenatal massage a great joy. Her approach uses compassionate, soothing touch to help you enter a relaxed state where your body can restore, unwind and heal, and she provides fulcrums around which your body can release tension and reorganize itself. More than anything, she finds great fulfillment in helping others bring their awareness to sensing and feeling their bodies and emotions, cultivating a deeper connection to their whole being. Please visit Streaming Life Bodywork and Massage for more information and to schedule a session, or you can contact Bonnie directly at or (443)418-6562.

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Erick Jimenez is a Massage and Bodywork Specialist who has practiced his talents in Davis for more than 6 years. He got his training at Massage Therapy Institute in Davis and specializes in Sport, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Relaxation message. He has been an athlete his entire life, which allows him to better understand the problems injuries can cause. He often blends different techniques to help you heal faster and prevent injuries in the first place. He is communicative and will be able to help you with your needs. If you have problems with back pain, low back issues, sciatica pain and/or general muscle soreness, he is the right therapist for you. References are available on Yelp. To schedule an appointment, please contact Erick directly at or (530)400-4861.

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Veronica French, CMT, LMT, graduated from the Arizona School of Integrated Studies in a 750-hour program. She has a background in Reiki and became a Reiki Master in 2010. She graduated with a B.A. in Holistic Health from Prescott College, with a designated emphasis in Chinese Medicine and Shamanism in 2008. Additionally, she is certified in Biodynamic Craniosacral practice, pre-natal massage, and world-renowned La Stone Therapy (hot stone). She offers specialization in Craniosacral, hot stone, pre-natal massage, Reiki, and an amazingly customized therapeutic massage, including techniques of Shiatsu and Reflexology. To make an appointment with Veronica, call (590)975-8759 or visit the Aurora Healing Touch website and book online.

Rolfing for Structural Integration

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Tom Richards, is a Certified Rolfer and Movement Practitioner by the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO and has a B.S. in Kinesiology. Governed by a Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, Certified Rolfers have extensive training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and their therapeutic relationships. Tom has additional training in nerve manipulation, joint mobilization, and Rolf Movement. With years of experience treating scoliosis, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, restricted breathing, and gait problems to name a few, most any musculoskeletal misalignment or movement issues can be addressed through his work. Tom looks forward to merging his passion for movement, body work, learning, and holistic health to help people move and function more soundly. Flex pay or Cafeteria accounts can cover the costs of Rolfing treatments. For an appointment with Tom, call (510)759-2047.


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Davis Affordable Professional Counseling provides counseling on a sliding scale for individuals, couples, children, and families. Dezaree Finch is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that has been working in the mental health field since 2001. Her specialties include: pre-marital & pre-engagement counseling, marriage counseling, couples counseling, junior high-college challenges, adults abused and/or molested as children, adults in a past/present domestic violence relationship, parenting skills, and Christian counseling. The fee is based on a sliding scale and can vary between $40-$120/session. Most individuals find their fee affordable for their budget. Stop putting your life on hold and take advantage of this opportunity today! To schedule an appointment, please call (530)848-1561 or email


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Christoph Gumb, Ph.D. is a certified Anat Baniel Method ® Neuromovement ® practitioner. Chris has a background in academia in his native Germany. His work as a nurse in a neurological hospital, however, sparked his interest in the interconnectedness of movement and the brain. As a former ski instructor, triathlete and an avid martial artist, Chris is always looking for practical applications and functional improvements. The Anat Baniel Method®, which is based on the principles of physics, neuroplasticity and martial arts, is beneficial whether you are in good health or have a limiting diagnosis. It has shown positive results for a broad range of diagnoses, such as traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, back pain, autism, chronic pain, scoliosis, and many others. It has proven effective in recovery after surgery, stroke rehabilitation, in improving balance and coordination, for aging, occupational or repetitive strain injuries, and learning disabilities. With this work, Chris found a way to harness the power of subtle and gentle movements in order to create opportunities for new differentiation and, thus, new neuronal connections. The method provides the information and conditions for the brain to thrive and to transform limitations into often surprising new possibilities, relying on the brain’s amazing ability to change itself (brain plasticity). You can reach Chris at or at (530)400-5733.